Virtualization Solutions for Alpha and VAX Systems
OpenVMS Systems Specialists
  • Do you have legacy VAX or Alpha computer systems?
  • Are you looking to maintain your investment in the OpenVMS or Tru64 applications while increasing reliability, performance, and efficiency?
  • Would you like to significantly reduce your maintenance and operating expenses for these systems?

If you answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place!

While software doesn't wear out, hardware does. Maintaining legacy hardware is expensive. Parts become more and more difficult - and eventually impossible - to obtain. The parts you do find are often refurbished - perhaps several times. As time passes, both the expense and the risk of a catastrophe increase significantly.

How do you mitigate the hardware risk? Port your applications? Replace them? Both options can be expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to your business. Fortunately, there is a better choice.

Virtual VAX and Alpha specializes in using virtualization technology to transparently replace legacy HP/Compaq/Digital (DEC) VAX and Alpha system hardware without the time or expense of porting or migrating your applications. We eliminate the liability while retaining your valuable assets.

We use state-of-the-art vtVAX and vtAlpha emulation software from Vere Technologies that creates a computer within a computer -- a virtual VAX or virtual Alpha system implemented entirely in software running on an Intel or AMD x86 architecture host PC or server.

The virtual system executes instructions exactly as the native VAX or Alpha hardware, meaning all your software - operating system and applications - run unmodified on modern, off-the-shelf systems. No more commodity hardware, with the associated headaches and expense. Better yet, no porting, migrations, or having to learn how to use new software. No disruptions for your business. Less risk of down-time with brand new hardware. And no maintenance expense while the new hardware is under
warranty - for up to three years.

In addition to being economical and reliable, vtVAX and vtAlpha are fast.

Current PC and server CPUs are much faster than most VAX and Alpha processors. It is very likely, especially for VAX systems, that the new disks and network interfaces will also be much faster than the existing hardware. Many user experience performance improvements - sometimes significant improvements - after migrating to a virtual VAX or Alpha system. Staff productivity is improved. A system that used to be a boat anchor now has room for growth.

Both vtVAX and vtAlpha support multiple virtual instances on the same host hardware platform. This can be an ideal solution if you have a number of small or under-utilized legacy systems, reducing your cost for new hardware.

vtVAX and vtAlpha are there when a disaster strikes.

Business continuity/disaster recovery requirements can present great difficulty for legacy applications. The expense of duplicating the hardware platforms can be well outside your budget - if you can find the systems at any price. And then there is the concern that they may not work when they are needed.

vtVAX and vtAlpha to the rescue!

Even if you decide not to replace your legacy production systems, our virtualization technology may be a perfect solution for your business continuity requirements. Because the virtual VAX and Alpha systems run exactly the same software as the native hardware, you can mix the technologies without adding the complexity of maintaining different versions of your applications.

Our virtualized VAX and Alpha systems are also an economical way to provide the test and development environment expansion or upgrade your developers and IT staff have been asking for.

Click on the following links to learn more about vtVAX or vtAlpha. Or contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have and discuss how vtVAX or vtAlpha can help your business.